Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Skipping classes suks,ponning school is just degrading,i'm going to stop this shit before i get into deeper trouble,i've guess it's pretty much the adrenaline that makes me do shit like that,stupid as it sounds it's going to start to develop into an addiction,i swear.
Everything just seems to be falling apart,my life,my relationships just everything....i'm not going to start pointing fingers or blame anyone,i guess it's pretty much and certainly my own undoing

Oh, I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back
but I know you did

Saturday, January 20, 2007

CAMP SUKS,lol except for the nights spent at the "house"(yes only those who were garang enough to follow us, knows about it).And well besides the encounter i had with the supernatural everything was fine.Even as i'm typing now i'm feeling the chills,it started on day 1 with the discovery of that "house",basically it was sort of our "chill" spot from 12 am all the way till 6 am.

Now here comes the story part,on day 2,at around 11 pm when not everyone was sleeping,the 5 of us gathered and made our way to the house with only the security of my windbreaker,i courageous lead the way into the darkness of the ngiht,lol this is getting really stupid,anyways we took our "designated" spots and slowly adjusted ourselves to the ghostly surrondings that surrounded us.Before sleeping i warned everyone that in the event if any shit were to happen,NO ONE MUST BE LEFT BEHIND,then it happened i slept. According to the rest i was l sleeping alone for 15 minutes,when Mason and Lahvin went to get me,i swore i saw someone sleeping infront of me,i'm not making this shit up,i seriosuly saw a figure with short black hair resting on the table infront of me,thinking it was either one of them i left with Mason and Lahvin.The very next day i asked the rest about it,they told me that everyone had left and no one was there,even upon asking Mason and Lahvin they said when they had fetched me there was no one there,for a second i seriously couldn't breathe.But hey i'm not being all superstitious or anything but i guess someone that night was watching over me.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Firstly dont mind the few taggs on my left,i pretty much guess this are teens stil and obviosuly going through adolescence.Anyways enough about them.Yesterday was great,considering the fact that we had "set off bombs",in the Bugis vicinity,lol. It was just so retarded,went to practically everyone at bugis and asked them "Eh Jia Ba Buay?". Then being the retard Jeremiah is, he run across the fountain thing,just when he had passed the final water jet,he fell,lol.Ah and the attempt to buy bacardi also failed,fuk sia where are the fake id's when we need one ? slutss.

I'll end this post with this last "parable", i was actually scared to go to the toilet,cause i was afriad of getting raped by an old man,those sneaky old ah pek's you never know what they'll be up to.So being the curious guy i am,i aksed marcus what he would do if he were in my sexy shoes.He said if an old ah pek were to rape him,he would fuck that old ah pek ,so the old ah pek wouldn't stand a chance to rape him,lol.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

UH it's been a pretty looooooong time since i last did a post.Well the past few days in school has definetly been a bittersweet one. The teachers are definetly less strict,as well as more giving to our nonsense,what more can can i possibly say, wearing long pants definetly gives us the much needed R-E-S-P-E-C-T. =D EKH,i've really got to taper my pants,it's fuking baggy,and it makes me look shorter then usual,lol.

Well posting the stuff i did like like a week back would really be very hard on me cause as as usual i'm lazy like fuck,so i'll just summarise everything with this, *approaches a bunch of upper sec girls* and says, " EH GIRL ! Jia ba buay ?"

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ohhhhh yesterday met Marcus at like 10 in the morning,then i called an old man in the toilet a peophile,i think he heared me,anyways we went to superbowl to like max tune for a while.Called up Wan and asked him if he wanted to come over with Alex and Seri to play billards.Hahar i diddnt know fuck how to play that shit,cause i'm so used to playing pool, where the table is not as big as the ones used for billard.So anways the cock suking aunty was hostile as usual.Ahhhhh oh wells,i guess it's because i'm calling her that right in front of her =D

Monday, December 25, 2006

Let me start of by wishing everyone a Merry christmas(even though i'm a day late). Well Christmas was spent with my extended family(i've no idea what that means i suppose it's your relatives and so on),anwyays right it was held at a studio penthouse, drank like 6 shots of wine,just when i was getting a little tipsy i stopped,i mean i'm so not gonna get high infront of my family plus the numerous relatives that gathered,it'll just be fuking weird.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

LALALA,well today was great.Met Veknesh at Kovan mrt from there we headed down to meet Wan and everyone else.Had starbucks while waiting for Elbriena to meet us and all.Watched the golden flower thing at cathay,the one staring Jay Chou and the curvaceous Gong Li.Did lots of funny shit,like putting the mentos into a bottle of coke and all that.


Sean 21.03.92
I'm MIXED and loving it :)
i like music,music likes's a love,hate relationship.Streoytipical music are for junkies who have no care about the social stigma bestowed upon them.



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